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Annapolis Child Development Center
1921 North Lawrence Avenue
Annapolis, Maryland 2140ion1
Office - 410.224.9850
Fax - 410.224.9854

Hours of Operation:  7:00 - 6:00

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About Us

Annapolis Child Development Center is a state-licensed day care center that was established in 2004. Our child care center was built and designed specifically with early childhood ecuation in mind, for children between 6 weeks of age to 6 years. We have individual classrooms where we provide developmentally appropriate activities for each age group. It is our philosophy at Annapolis Child Development Center to create a loving environment for each child. We realize that the early childhood years are the most critical to help develop a child's self-esteem and security. Our primary mission is to provide a rich, warm and supportive atmosphere where children can grow.

We provide a learning atmosphere that includes both independent and group activities. Providing a curriculum that includes a stimulating, learning environment with developmentally activities, gives each child the opportunity to llearn at his or her own pace. We want your children to see how the skills they are learning can be meaningful to them. A fundamental component of the childhood education program is encouraging feelings of competence in the child by offering choices throughout the day. Self-esteem is the single most important attribute we can foster in a child. This single characteristic fosters an "I Can" attitude that is crucial to their future years of learning.