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Glairs Gourmet orders will be November 10th!!!  Thanks for all who participated.

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Annapolis Child Development Center
1921 North Lawrence Avenue
Annapolis, Maryland 2140ion1
Office - 410.224.9850
Fax - 410.224.9854

Hours of Operation:  7:00 - 6:00

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One of our goals in child care is to help your child develop a positive self image. We recognize that children need clearly defined limits set ina non-threatening, yet firm manner. We encourage children to be self directed and exhibit self control. In order to achieve these goals, our daycare center applies principles that emphasize and reinforce positive behavior, build individual esteem, and avoid any shaming practices. We accomplish these goals through close supervision, gentle guidance, and redirection. We also put strong emphasis on verbal rather than physical dispute resolution. When all else fails, we will utilize a brief timeout. No abusive verbal or emotional reprimand will ever be used.

Our rules are few:

  • Care for each other physically and emotionally at all times.
  • Care for each other's toys and belongings as if they were our own.
  • Allow the children to settle their disputes whenever possible, keeping safety of body and feelings as the guideline.
  • Find teachable opportunities when redirecting inappropriate behavior.
  • Give lots of hugs!!